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Tajba Tourism' is a tourism agency which is based on Cvetan Dimov Street no. 40 Skopje, North Macedonia. Still working agency, with over 16 years of experience in the field, and it operates in 4 countries: North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro, in different areas and sectors of tourism. Moreover, the experience does not stop there, but also it offers services and different kinds of packages in the Republic of Turkey such as hotels, transport tours, walks, and many others. Furthermore, we have weekly trips to Istanbul with a package of a 3-days stay. Additionally, we have a partnership with the Turkish company 'Yonca Tourism' with which we make daily trips Skopje - Istanbul - Skopje with a regular line for 2 years now. Along with this, we offer a service for groups from Turkey that want to travel to the Balkans with a package of a 5-day tour. Above all of this, the focal activity of our agency is an organized trip to the holy places of Makkah and Medina, in order to perform Umrah and Hajj. We as an agency, since the day of establishment, have made 16 trips for Hajj and many trips for Umrah. Lastly, in order for our passengers to feel comfortable and safe, we have partnered with world-class leading companies such as Turkish Airlines, Saudi Airlines, Pegasus, Fly Nas Air, Royal Jordanian Air, and many other companies, and we also offer tickets from the above-mentioned companies.

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    Tetovo, North Macedonia

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    Address: Cvetan Dimov no.40 Skopje, North Macedonia